The Most Important Automotive Shop Equipment

While most of the population has no idea what goes into the routine maintenance of a car, any mechanic knows that the job requires a large amount of equipment. Even a simple oil change requires several tools. If you are in the market for automotive shop equipment in Los Angeles, whether it’s to open your own shop or to upgrade what you have, you will need to know what items are the most common and the most helpful.

Car Lifts

The most important equipment in an automotive shop is the car lift. The car lift is used for little jobs such as oil changes to larger jobs. There are different types of car lifts depending on the type of business you will be doing and the amount you are willing to spend. The different options include a two-post lift, four-post lift, portable lifts, and parking lifts. The two-post lift is the most popular option where the arms ride up each column lifting the car to the level that you need. The four-post is similar to the two-post except that the car is lifted from four posts on a runway, which lifts the vehicle by its tires.

Tire Changer

While changing a tire is a pretty routine task for most mechanics, it can also be pretty time consuming. These machines are able to essentially change the tire for you while you are free to perform other tasks. A tire changer has many different parts and these parts may change depending on what type you get. There are the basics that are used for normal cars and trucks while a more heavy-duty option would be needed for larger tires or high performance options.

Brake Lathes

A full-service brake machine may not be necessary but it can certainly make your life easier. Most automotive shops deal with quite a few brakes and will need this item around for faster and easier service. A brake lathe uses cutting bits mounted on tool posts to cut into a rotating piece of metal stock. A bench-type lathe will consist of a motor, a moveable tool post, and a bit. You are usually able to add to these basics as you need if you wish, depending on the needs of your shop. While this is only a fraction of everything you will need, these items will help you get started. If you need automotive shop equipment in Los Angeles make sure you know what you will need before you purchase anything in the off chance that you will be unable to add additional parts later.