Effective Types of Storm Shutters

Living in Florida, you know you are most certainly going to experience severe storms on a regular basis. Even hurricanes are a definite concern you have to be thinking of. In the case of a severe storm you want to make sure your family is safe. One of the best ways to protect your family from dangerous weather conditions is to fortify your home with the right equipment. Storm shutters are a practical addition to any home in Florida. If you are looking for shutters in Miami, you will need to compare and contrast the different types of storm shutters available to you.

Rolling Shutters

The weather isn’t always bad in Miami. On the nice days you don’t want your storm shutters getting in the way of a nice breeze or warm sunshine. Installing shutters that are positioned above your windows and roll down when needed can be a great solution. When the sky starts to cloud over and rain starts to fall you can quickly and easily roll down the shutters. These shutters will protect your home when necessary and roll out of the way when it’s all over. Some of these shutters may even be hooked up to be controlled automatically rather than manually.

Accordion Shutters

Another option is to invest in some accordion shutters. Just like the roll down shutters, accordion shutters can be opened up before a storm and put away when the weather is good again. The main difference here is that these shutters are installed on the sides, rather than above, the window. These shutters lock together in the center, providing reinforcement to the strength of the shutter. For the most part, the choice between accordion and roll down shutters is merely a choice of preference and aesthetics. Whichever option is more pleasing to you will likely be a good fit.

Bahama Shutters

Unlike the previous types mentioned, bahama shutters can’t ever be fully put away. These shutters are always there. While this might be an unattractive feature to some people, these shutters have one advantage that the other types do not. Without completely blocking the window or making you feel trapped, bahama shutters are able to provide shade on the sunny days when protection from storms is unnecessary. Florida, even with all its storms, is known for being bright and sunny. Keeping your house nice and cool can more easily be accomplished with bahama shutters. These shutters swing open at the bottom, allowing the home to feel more open while still providing shade from the heat. Whatever type pleases you, finding suitable shutters in Miami should be a breeze.