Donating Your Vehicle for a Good Cause

If you’re looking for the chance to do something good for someone in need, there are countless opportunities to support some very worthy charitable organizations. One way to do this is by donating a car or other vehicle that you no longer want or are not in need of anymore. You just need to select an organization that will pick up the car from you, and they will sell it and donate the profits to those who are in need of some kind of help. One such charity is a nonprofit called Vets Vehicles. Profits from their car sales go to the veterans groups they support: AMVETS, Fisher House Foundation, Special Operations Warriors Foundation, and Marine Toys for Tots Foundation. Other organizations use the profits to aid in building homes or to help cancer patients or people with other illnesses, just to name a few. When you have made the decision to donate your car, make sure you get a few basic details about how the process works. Continue reading

Charity Drives May be Vehicle Oriented

There are several choices, including, when choosing where you should donate your vehicle. Your decision should be led by your heart and your head.

Matters of the Heart

Donating to any charity must first come from the heart. Does the charity support something that you believe in or have experience with? Many people who donate to charities that look for the cure to cancer do so because either they or someone they love has experienced cancer. Those who donate to charities that touch the lives of kids generally do so because they have children, even if those children are not affected by the charity. Sometimes a charity is chosen for who represents it. The MDA gets donors because of its connection with Jerry Lewis. Livestrong has had its donor base enhanced because of Lance Armstrong. Continue reading

The Benefits of Donating Cars for Veterans

When you think about ways to support our troops, you may not consider how donating your car can be beneficial. Many companies have started collecting donated cars for veterans in order to help them adjust to life after war and recover from medical costs. Not only are you helping American heroes, but donating your car can also give you tax deductions, help you to avoid the hassle of dealing with your broken down car, and is easy to do.

Tax Deductions

When filing your taxes, the donation of your car can be a valuable tax deduction. Make sure that the business that you are using is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit company. You should receive a tax receipt or IRS form 1098c to verify the amount that you can claim. This amount is equivalent to the sales price of the car. If you have any questions or concerns, take the time to speak with your accountant or tax adviser to determine if and how you can include your donation as a tax deduction. Continue reading