Cassandra Roos is associate editor of the Grove Report. She is currently working towards a M.A. in Political Science with a focus on International Relations at Loyola University. A graduate of Emerson college, Cassandra has worked as an assistant special education teacher, tutor for inner-city youth, broadcast associate for NBC Sports and CBS News Productions in New York City. She loves to sing, write, and dance and is interested in fashion, film and clothing.


Laith Saud is a lecturer of Islamic World Studies at Depaul University, and a frequent contributor to NPR radio. Laith is a former columnist at al Jazeera, he has been interviewed by national and international media on Islam and Mid-East affairs. He holds a graduate degree from the University of Chicago, and is a long-time martial artist.


Scott Alexander is Associate Professor of Islam at the Catholic Theological Union in Chicago and Chair of the Department of Intercultural Studies and Ministry and director of the school’s Catholic-Muslim Studies Program, where he is working to expand outreach to similar programs in Nigeria, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. He is a regular consultant on Catholic-Muslim relations for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and for Centro Internazionale di Studi e Ricerche Oasis at the Marcianum in Venice, Italy, and he sits on the editorial board of the Journal of Islamic Law and Culture. Scott holds a Ph.D. in the history of religions, with a concentration in Islamic studies, from Columbia University and has taught there as well as at Indiana University, Fordham, and Princeton University. He is co-editor of A Dictionary of Christian—Muslim Relations (Cambridge University Press, anticipated 2011).


M. Cherif Bassiouni is a distinguished research professor of law emeritus at DePaul University College of Law and president emeritus of the law school’s International Human Rights Law Institute. He also is president of the International Institute of Higher Studies in Criminal Sciences in Siracusa, Italy, and honorary president of the International Association of Penal Law in Paris, France. He has held multiple posts with the UN and was nominated for a Nobel Peace prize.

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